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GraySide Media Group is a crisis management and communications firm founded by former journalists Brian DeBose (Washington Times) and Theola DeBose (The Washington Post). GraySide grew out of significant changes in the media industry that sparked our evolution from impartial reporters to communications advocates working on causes and on behalf of people and organizations doing dynamic and transformative work.

At GraySide, we understand that pursuing your goals and reaching your audience is anything but black and white. We partner with you, and tap our extensive network to create tailored solutions whether you want to influence policymakers, make a persuasive case for start-up funding, strengthen your relationship with key stakeholders, garner media attention, be recognized as an industry expert, grow your digital influence or emerge stronger from a crisis.

We honed our communications skills and public affairs experience through leadership positions in the Obama Administration and the District of Columbia Government. The core of our work is in creating clear language that explains who you are, what you do, and engages others in what you’re trying to achieve. Easier said than done, we know. But we know how to do it. The more difficult the issue, the more we want to take on the challenge of finding a simple, powerful way to tell the story.

We spent decades sifting and sorting through complicated, convoluted and confusing information to create compelling stories. As journalists, we have embedded with U.S. troops in Iraq, buttonholed senators in the hallways of the U.S. Capitol, analyzed federal budgets, interviewed grieving parents after a child’s murder, visited school classrooms to observe teaching and learning, and rode on the media bus for two presidential campaigns.

And we have subject matter expertise in state and national politics, civil rights and voting rights, arts and humanities, education, social impact gaming and edtech.


We work today with tomorrow’s headliners. Reach out to us to get started.

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co-founder and partner

Few individuals can say that they have been living and breathing politics in the nation’s capitol from the moment they were born. As a fifth-generation native Washingtonian, and a former national political reporter, Brian’s knowledge and experience with local and federal Washington is extensive and unparalleled.

His political acumen, combined with an energetic and boundless curiosity, draw Brian to the most difficult and challenging situations, especially crisis communications.

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co-founder and partner

Theola grew up listening to her parents tell stories about their native Haiti. As a child, she yearned to understand how a place she had never seen had such a large influence over her childhood. That was the beginning of her curiosity and interest in the power of storytelling.

She is an innovative leader with a strategic approach to communications and engagement that is people-focused -- whether it’s moving an audience to action or coaching principals to perform under pressure.

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